Holiday and Christmas Centerpiece with Runner and Candles

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by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on November 18, 2012

in Christmas centerpieces

This Holiday and Christmas centerpiece is as simple as a sparse Garland and 5 or more bunches of wheat (depending on your Garland and table length) tied off with raphia.

My favorite fall tablecloth was nowhere to be found so I opted for a runner. Hopefully I didn’t leave it at the dry cleaners.

Image of a table centerpiece with runner and candles during holidays

*** Click here to see a 13 photograph slideshow of this Christmas centerpiece ***

I haven’t included any step-by-step instructions in this article. However, the above slideshow will give you a good idea of how to assemble this holiday centerpiece.

In the bottom photo you’ll notice a change: the centerpiece was converted to do more than simply look good!

If you have a buffet for serving — perfect! Some items are nice to keep close to your plate, such as  dinner rolls in the center of the table. Dressing, potatoes, and gravy seem to be a Thanksgiving staple … or a salad if you prefer.

image of a dish for holding dinner rolls as holiday and Christmas centerpiece

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