Christmas in July – Origins Part 2

Christmas in July

by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on July 12, 2010

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Christmas in July has deeper traditions in Australia than in the United States though the tradition started in the US. One of the bigger reasons is the difference in climate.  According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology July is the coldest time of the year, — averaging 61° —  while December and January are the warmest months, averaging almost 80°.

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Australians too love a traditional Christmas dinner and Christmas ornaments, however the typical midsummer heat here on Christmas Day, means that many families are forced to focus on salads, because it is just too hot to get enthusiastic about a traditional big roast with pudding etc.

So over the years many Australian families and organizations have opted to have an additional Christmas dinner in July celebration, in the middle of winter when it’s nice and cool and great for tucking in to a sumptuous big feast. A Christmas in July dinner usually includes holiday decorations, Christmas Candles, decorated Christmas trees, colorful streamers, bonbons, Christmas hats and whistles.

This Christmas tradition is so well entrenched in Australia that most restaurants, clubs and dining halls, have an official advertised annual catered menu for Christmas in July, and are often booked in advance. It’s always a great excuse for work teams to get together and party, and at a time when they don’t have to battle to reserve a table and pay premium prices.

July is the peak snow season in Australia.  Most of the prominent ski resorts have special events and celebrations.

Christmas in July Part 1

Australian ski resorts preparing for Christmas in July

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