Christmas Ornaments — My trip to Venice!

by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on September 7, 2010

in Christmas Tree Ornaments

It is not often that someone living in Arizona would fly to Europe to shop for Christmas ornaments.  I was actually shopping for a few clients, one of them with Italian  ancestry.  Their lovely home in Paradise Valley needed those few extra touches that only a “hands on” visual could complete.

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Rialto Bridge, Venice

While in Venice shopping, it didn’t take long to have offers for a personal tour of the blown glass district on the island of Murano (I think they smell money wanting to be spent). The thought of unique Christmas ornaments became one of my focuses as well as blown glass art in general.  The boat docked near the Rialto Bridge to pick me up and I was filled with the anticipation of visiting Murano, one of Europe’s famous islands,  for the first time.

Unique Christmas ornaments were the last thing on my mind as I journeyed on cobblestone roads and walk ways to enter the fabulous galleries and on to the actual glass blowing experience.  Famous artists are represented from all over the world. The glassblowing process intricate and time sensitive.  On the second day of full out exploration I was ready to settle in on Christmas tree decorations again.  Decorated Christmas trees are never complete without  the reflection of light bouncing off  blown glass Christmas ornaments. You may ask what makes Venician and Murano blown glass so special? Part of the history will intrigue you I’m sure! Click here for part 2 of hunting for unique glass Christmas ornaments in Venice.

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