Quality Time & Holiday Gifts: Giving from the Inside Out (Part 4 of 7)

by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on September 29, 2010

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Creating memories for the holidays includes family fun and special moments such as  placing  Christmas tree ornaments on the Christmas tree with your loved ones. (see Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments and Mrs Fulton)

Quality time as a family is one of the best holiday gift ideas

Quality time as a family is one of the best holiday gift ideas

In my previous post about the The Five Love Languages,  I discussed “Words of Appreciation” as a “Love Language”.  This post is about “Quality Time” as a strong contender. This love language is not about words of love and appreciation –  it is about proximity. It is about having the undivided focus and attention of the person you love.  This person would probably enjoy games or puzzles wrapped under the decorated Christmas tree.  You could customize to their interests making sure the one on one or group need is met.

My husband and I have decided that planning and going on special trips together and creating those memories take the pressure off of Christmas shopping for each other.  One of our trips was to the island of Kaui the week before Christmas.  We were to arrive home the eve of Christmas eve with guests arriving Christmas eve.  Our redeye flight arrived in LA bright in early with a connecting flight leaving at 6 a.m. to arrive home, leaving plenty of time to unpack and finish decorating the Christmas tree ( a job hazard when always doing it for others).  Unfortunately our flight was delayed and our seats reassigned with not another flight in any airline leaving until late that evening.  Luckily we both roll with the flow and decided to rent a car for the 6 Hour Drive home.

We had kayaked to a remote waterfall, took a catamaran to the forbidden Island, Snuba Dived and went on an amazing helicopter ride that made me cry with the sheer beauty of the island.  After all of that, our six-hour drive home had to be counted as one of my favorite memories for that trip.  Having said that, arriving home I went into hyper mode to be ready for guests.  I don’t know that I will pull that stunt again, at least not that close to the holidays, especially with out-of-town guests involved — Lol!!!

What makes your holiday special?

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