Relationship Benefits of Holiday Gifts: Giving from the Inside Out (Part 2 of 7)

by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on September 20, 2010

in Holiday Gift Ideas

Learn to give more meaningful Holiday Gifts

Learn to give more meaningful Holiday Gifts

The holidays are the perfect time to deepen relationships.  Have you ever wondered how to foolproof your ideas for holiday gifts? Here’s how: by understanding your gift receivers love language!  The book “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, described the importance of learning and speaking your partners love language.  According to this concept, to develop or maintain a healthy relationship you must learn to love your significant other in a way that he or she can interpret.  I feel this can be said for family and friends as well.

Dr. Chapman continues: “if you speak Dutch to someone who only understand English, communication is not taking place.  No matter what you say or how you beautifully you say it, that person won’t receive the message as you mean it.  By the same token, we all seem to express and comprehend love according to different love languages.”  They are as follows: words of appreciation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Those of you that enjoy a decorated Christmas tree and hanging Christmas ornaments would be considered visual and tactical, especially if you enjoy Christmas decorating with your own hands.  Bernadette Dimitrov mentions “by sharing past and future thoughts we give ourselves in an intimate way… we deepen relationship as we share and express more of who we are.” Creating Christmas decorating traditions can start with expressing your feelings. Perhaps  a new dimension can be added to your relationships as you lovingly select and give holiday gifts with your new understanding of The Five Love Languages.

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