Acts of Service & Holiday Gifts: Giving from the Inside Out (Part 5 of 7)

by Kristina Keller-Wilczek on October 5, 2010

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Did you know that the decorated tree and Christmas wreath on the door, and even the fresh boughs on the fireplace mantel create predictability?  We all love the comfort of predictability; especially children as it gives them a sense of security with the anticipation of your holiday decorations.  The ritual of giving is created by the predictable act of giving  (especially at birthdays and Christmas celebrations), experiences of appreciation and acknowledgment,  and of love and being made to feel extra special. (Bernadette Dimtrov)

Family decorating a Christmas tree courtesy

Family decorating a Christmas tree courtesy

If gifts, words and time aren’t expressing your love language, possibly you or your loved one prefer acts of service.  Seeing the holiday decorations come to life create an excitement and anticipation of special deeds to perform.  The very act of producing decorated Christmas trees takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes a gift of service.  Even holiday baking creates the predictability of the happy faces while receiving your favorite Christmas treats.

What makes Acts of Service a “Love Language”  worth acting on?  If this is yours or your partners form of loving communication, it may seem predictable that you help out a little more during the holidays.  I can guarantee that the mood will be more merry and bright with less stress!  I mentioned a coupon book in Holiday Gifts Part 3 that adds a personal touch of appreciated services under the Christmas tree.  Christmas decorating ideas could be as simple as “I owe you’s” tied with ribbon to a snowflake on your tree and/or wreath. Be sure to make it special — personal, even unexpected for what you would normally do.  That will add to the excitement!

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