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Unique Christmas tree ornaments

Expressing Feelings & Holiday Gifts: Giving from the Inside Out (Part 3 of 7)

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Expressing feelings though Holiday Gifts is one of The Five Love languages. Giving is an opportunity to express a whole range of feelings such as gratitude, appreciation and thanks. Combine holiday gift ideas with Christmas Tree Ornaments for a memorable holiday.

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Fireplaces: from Functionality to Feng Shui

mantel christmas decorations ideas Christmas Decorating Fireplace

Once at the focal point of family life, the fireplace has become a secondary heat source. This transition opened the door for many mantle decorating ideas for Christmas. Decorating fireplaces now involves everything from candles and stockings to sophisticated lighting displays and Christmas garland swags.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas: an evolution

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating ideas have changed dramatically over the years. The days of stringing cranberries and popcorn and creating handmade Christmas ornaments have faded. Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon, fancy Christmas tree lights, and lovely elegant garlands is becoming commonplace.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas: Topiaries are great!

Topiaries as Christmas Decorating Ideas Christmas Decorating Ideas

Have you considered the use of topiaries as Christmas decorations? They truly look great anywhere you want to create a focal point for your unique Christmas Decorating Ideas. Empty corners, window seals, powder room counters etc. See how to use some simple craft items to create these handmade Christmas decorations.

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